Christine Leproux

Certified naturopath practictioner-nutritionist

& MD hypnotherapist

Integrative Therapies for the entire family
Women's Health

Practice based in Cossonay Switzerland



With her unique savoir-faire, Christine currently practices in Switzerland bringing her global knowledge and extensive experience in natural health remedies to help people find a better way of living, improve their health and find empowerment.

Healing methods


Naturopathy gets to the roots of diseases ...together we will investigate to discover what are the real roots of your health problems. Then, thanks to my extensive knowledge of natural remedies and integrative healing, we will find the right and adapted way for you to recover a perfect health. In order to do so, I may recommend various natural remedies, such as aromatherapy, herbal remedies or special nutrients.

We will for sure find a way to a better you !


Hippocratus used to say :
 "let food be your medicine and medicine be your food" ...
and that is what my job is ... I will help and support you through great life changes, as by changing the way you eat, you will change the way you are... to become a better you, healthier and happier !




You will learn how to make great changes that will last during your entire life !


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool enabling deep changes to   happen within you.  It will help you solve many types of issues such as : 
weight management
stress & anxiety
fears & phobias
self esteem
and much more.

We will discuss the habits you wish to change and make changes happen together.

I had the opportunity to live in different countries
where I was able to study various methods of healing and human adaptation adding these to my professional repertoire.

Mission : Provide a wide range of integrative healing methods to support adults & kids.


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