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Christine Leproux

Naturopathic Practitioner
in Traditional European Naturopathy
advanced federal diploma 

live healthier
with naturopathy, nutrition,integrative therapies,
natural and holistic healing



"Everyone is unique and deserves a personalized natural treatment to enhance their lifestyle. I welcome the opportunity to support you to a healthier and better you. Because your health matters !"

Christine Leproux

Naturopathic Practitioner in Traditional European Naturopathy (TEN) advanced federal diploma of higher education
MD Hypnotherapist cert.

picture of Christine

helping people to become healthier and to feel better because health matters !

Since 2008

Christine Leproux



Naturopathy gets to the roots of diseases. Together we will find the right and adapted way for you to recover a perfect health. In order to do so I may recommend various natural remedies.

such as aromatherapy, phytotherapy, herbal healing, homeopathy, Bach flowers. We will for sure find a way to a better you.


Hippocratus used to say : "let food be your medecine" I'll help and support you through great life changes as by changing the way you eat you'll change the way you are to become a better you, healthier and happier !

You will learn how to make great changes that will last during your entire life !


is a powerful tool enabling deep changes to happen. We will discuss the habits you wish to change and make changes happen !

It can help you solve many types of problems such as : Weight management Stress and anxiety Fears & phobias Self esteem Food Allergies Skin Problems Women's Health Digestive Health Stress Management Body Detox We will discuss the habits you wish to change and make changes happen together. Don't be afraid, you will be conscious at all time. You will have the chance to experiment a deep relaxation process. ​

My practice

My Practice


My approach to client care is to work with the client as a partner, guiding you toward your goals using naturopathy, nutrition and/or hypnotherapy.



I will not release any information to anyone without a written authorization from you, except as provided by the law.



Sessions take place in our practice based in Cossonay, the number of sessions generally vary from a minimum of 2 to several visits depending upon the modification desired by the client.

Remote Sessions

For your convenience we do, if appropriate, offer remote sessions via Skype or Facetime.
Please feel free to ask for additional information.



depend on the service and on the duration of the session and will be provided during our initial phone conversation.

Health insurances

Christine is  a certified naturopath and licensed which means that you may submit your invoice to your insurance but it is your responsability to check with your insurance first as every contract is different.



is due as time of service. Should you need a different arrangement please let me know  prior the begining of the session.


Cancellation notice

48 hours cancellation notice is kindly requested.


be informed that  we do not treat psychological disorders.

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Confidentialité : les informations transmises ainsi que les adresses e:mail sont confidentielles et ne seront jamais  transmises  à des tiers. Ce site a pour but la prévention santé. Limites et contre-indications de la naturopathie : la naturopathie ne remplace en aucun cas la médecine allopathique. Il n'est jamais demandé aux consultants de suspendre leurs traitements conventionnels. Les cas d'urgence, les maladies lésionelles, dégénératives et les troubles psychiatriques ne peuvent en aucun cas bénéficier d'une prise en charge par la naturopathie.

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